Moisture Shampoo 200ml

Moisture Shampoo 200ml


This Coconut & Sugar based Shampoo is a cleanser that intensely moisturizes, and richly lathers. It thoroughly cleans away the build up from the hair and scalp without stripping it



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This Moisture Shampoo is made with Coconut & Sugar to gently but thoroughly cleanse whilst intensely moisturising dry or parched curls. It richly lathers to thoroughly clean away the build up from the hair and scalp without stripping  your curls dry.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a generous amount onto wet hair, focusing on the scalp gently massage in circular motions into rich lather. Rinse with warm water and repeat as desired.

For more application hints and tips click HERE

100% Natural INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Coconut, Honey Extract, D-Panthenol , A Blend of Protein , Fruit Extract, Ylang Ylang essential oil.

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Founder Director at Curly By Nature
Klerissa is the founder of "Curly By Nature". Her mission is to produce luxurious haircare products using culturally authentic practices and fair trade 100% natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Klerissa uses her professional experience as a healthy hair care therapist and her in depth knowledge and understanding of cosmetic sciences to creating eco-powered, high performance hair care products and services. She is passionate about helping people rediscover the beauty, wonder and versatility of their hair or just enhance and maintain its health and style.

“My personal mission is to promote healthy practices using natural products and methods, dispel the myths and eliminate the misconception that hair in its originally curly form is unmanageable, wild, frizzy and less acceptable in society’s social settings. Here at Curly By Nature we focus on health, wellbeing and style. We believe’s that every individual and their hair, is uniquely beautiful and wonderfully made.”
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  1. Laura

    I purchased this because I had used the conditioner before and loved it and when I was ordering more of that I thought why not give it ago. I was struggling to find a shampoo that didn’t leave build up, that helped my flakey scalp and cleaned the middle part with ease. (I have one section I always find too far away or thick to clean properly)
    I am so glad I did buy this shampoo!
    I do use another shampoo as a prewash because I wash it once a week and have quite a lot of grease in it by the time I wash it. so I can not give my opinion as to it removing all the dirt out of your hair. What I can tell you is a little goes along way, it smells amazing and my hair is so clean afterwards; all of it. I do find my hair is tangled whilst washing it but it always has been, even with other shampoos, ones that do not leave oil in my hair.
    Why buy this product?? Because it is natural, smells Devine and is worth every penny

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