For us consultations are one of the most rewarding services we offer. We often get great feedback like this:

So glad I got the chance to have a personalised one on one haircare consultation with the gorgeous Klerissa aka bosslady behind @curlybynatureldn. She gave me great advice on how to remedy my current hair issues and tailored a hair care regime which will support me in my healthy hair journey!”

The purpose of us creating this tailored service it to empower, inspire and encourage individuals on their healthy hair care journey. The importance of understanding how to manage your hair is essential so listening to your hair, your body and understanding its preference is what we help you do – and we are good at it. We don’t expect you to learn to do everything – hair care related – yourself, instead we offer practical solutions, recommend professional services and provide expert advice all of which will help you towards healthier beautiful hair. If you are in need of expert advice and that extra encouragement needed to get you to that next level then sign up to one of our consultations or get in touch at

If you are interested in our Consultation services you may sign up to:

The United Kurls Lounge & Learn

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Antidote Street: The Hair Lab


Alternatively you may use our online service: CLICK HERE



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Founder Director at Curly By Nature
Klerissa is the founder of "Curly By Nature". Her mission is to produce luxurious haircare products using culturally authentic practices and fair trade 100% natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Klerissa uses her professional experience as a healthy hair care therapist and her in depth knowledge and understanding of cosmetic sciences to creating eco-powered, high performance hair care products and services. She is passionate about helping people rediscover the beauty, wonder and versatility of their hair or just enhance and maintain its health and style.

“My personal mission is to promote healthy practices using natural products and methods, dispel the myths and eliminate the misconception that hair in its originally curly form is unmanageable, wild, frizzy and less acceptable in society’s social settings. Here at Curly By Nature we focus on health, wellbeing and style. We believe’s that every individual and their hair, is uniquely beautiful and wonderfully made.”
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