Klerissa McDonald

I gained my experience as a natural hair specialist working in several salons across London. From the tender age of 8, I developed my passion to care for and style hair. I loved to be adventurous with hair, finding fun in creating beautiful protective styles on my own hair as well as family, friends and regular clients. After experiencing work life in several London salons, I witnessed the sad and shocking stories of chemical and heat damage that was plaguing the industry and the community. This is where my desire to develop natural solutions for what I call ‘genetically curly hair’ (otherwise known as afro or naturally curly hair) began to grow. Instead of continuing to build my career in styling, I decided to focus on developing alternative effective natural haircare solutions to enhance and maintain the health of the hair in efforts to prevent common hair issues associated with heat and chemical treatments. My love for creating amazing natural concoctions that the hair absolutely adores continued to grow, so after achieving BSc Honours in Management Sciences and Spanish, I went on to become Certified in Advanced Natural Haircare Product Development. Curly By Nature was created exclusively for genetically curly hair to nourish, strengthen and enhance the hair naturally. Whilst I have set up Curly By Nature as 1-MAN-BAND/ micro business= ME, I am surrounded by first class experienced individuals that includes professional experts including cosmetic scientists and award winning stylists that champion the products and share my passion and philosophy.
The essence of our philosophy is summed up in our slogan: Natural care, Beautiful Hair. Sourcing the finest quality ingredients that prove effective and beneficial to the hair and scalp is at the premise of of what we do. In addition to this, I have embedded the values of CURLY BY NATURE into our everyday practice because I honestly believe that every individual, their hair and scalp are uniquely beautiful and wonderfully made. Every individual should have the freedom to embrace and creatively express themselves whether they choose to chemically straighten, colour, weave, braid or lock their hair. Everyone should experience truly healthy and stylish hair using quality, luxurious and natural care.

In addition to this, I believe that is important to uplift, inspire, celebrate and encourage each other in our dreams and aspirations. This is why CURLY BY NATURE is a founding member of the THE INDIE BEAUTY HUB collective.IBHMember tag copy

To pursue excellence in offering you tools and services that treat & beautify your hair with natural care. My goal is to guide many people into discovering the luxury and love of achieving and maintaining ultimate healthy and stylish hair through simple healthy haircare methods and our natural hypoallergenic products and services. I truly want people to:

  • Better understand their own hair
  • Achieve their individual healthy hair goals
  • Learn & practice simple techniques and creative styles for every social and professional setting
  • Access great beauty services and products.
  • Save money, time, hair & pain!

Please visit our learning section, shop or contact me at info@curlybynature.com to see how I may serve you.

  • “Best Business” UH Flare 2013.
  • “Best Hair & Beauty Brand” Young Entrepreneur: Start Young Global 2014.

My Mission

My personal mission is to promote healthy haircare practices using natural products and methods, dispel myths and eliminate the misconception that hair in its originally curly form is unmanageable, wild, frizzy and less acceptable in society’s social settings. We believe’s that every individual and their hair, is uniquely beautiful and wonderfully made. We simply want to help people rediscover the beauty, wonder and versatility of their hair using the finest ingredients and easiest methods  – Klerissa McDonald, Founder of Curly By Nature.

Please visit our learning section, shop or contact me at info@curlybynature.com to see how I may serve you. 

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