An innovative hair care masterclass that introduces you to LEARN AND PRACTICE multiple techniques of HOW to effectively care for, grow and style your OWN natural hair texture with an experienced professional.

Our Resident Curl Care Expert will personally teach you the key fundamentals of holistic hair care and the practical Art + Science of Hair. You will be in the company of experienced professionals and a small number of like-minded individuals within an intimate zen setting. You will be able to address your specific needs in person and will leave with a better understanding of your very own hair (not just generic or misguided information).

Ultimately, you will learn how to make your natural hair even more practical in your everyday life, you will gain a better understanding of your own hair, you will practice simple techniques that make sophisticated hairstyles and make curl friends along the way!



  • Recognise and question key hair myths & facts
  • Discuss hair and scalp issues holistically


  • Explain the science behind standard hair care practices
  • Learn the science of the hair & scalp (types, structure, porosity, width, elasticity, textured fibers, PH levels, protein and moisture balancing)
  • Describe and categorise ingredients and their benefits
  • Decipher products labels


  • Identify and practice several methods of basic protective styling techniques (e.g. Braiding/ Canerow and Twisting/ Flat-twist)
  • Create simple fashionable styles that promotes health
  • Construct a personalised flexible hair care regime based on personal hair goals.
  • Recognise when and how to make best use of Professional hair stylists, general practitioners (personal doctors), trichologists and dermatologists in relation to your hair and scalp health and styling

There will be time to actually practice your new found knowledge and learn new techniques such as braiding, canerows, twists and flat twists. You will have various opportunities to have your questions answered by a qualified expert.

Light Refreshments Provided.

Tickets are only £35. Existing Care Clinic Clients/ Members will benefit from £10 credit on their account with us.

Upon booking, you will be asked what you want most from your session and required to complete a short form to help tailor your experience – See you on the other side! There will be a lot covered within this short space of time so we kindly ask you to arrive approximately 10 minutes early – ready for the Masterclass start time.

If you want practical, hands on hair-care education that you can learn directly from an experienced, practising trusted professional, amongst like-minded curl friends then….