We use them pretty much everyday for checking emails, listening to music and generally organising our life, but whoever thought our smartphones could actually help us with our hair woes as well? Curly By Nature have explored the world of mobile phone apps and discovered 5 useful tools for ladies with afro hair. From haircare advice and product reviews, to inspiring images and video tutorials, we’ve listed our top five favourite mobile phone apps for healthy afro hair.

Beauty Hair App

Beauty Hair 
Available only on Android, this blog-style app is designed to support women with afro hair, or women who are thinking about making the transition from permed to natural hair. Fun and easy to use, it features useful haircare advice, beauty & celebrity news, product reviews and hairstyle ideas. The app also includes a natural hair forum and video tutorials.

Hair Journal app

Hair Journal
Available on iPhone and Android, this easy-to-use app was created to help natural hair enthusiasts to track and record their hair progress. Designed in the style of a diary, it allows users to set personal goals and track their growth through pictures and diary entries. Professional hair stylists can also create profiles for each of their clients.


Available on Android, Naturel is your one-stop shop for natural hair imagery. The app pulls pictures from Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr, allowing users to save, share and reblog their favourites. Use the search functionality to find the exact hairstyles you’re looking for.


Find affordable hair specialists in your area at the touch of a button with this genius app. Available on iPhone and Android, StyleSeat allows you to narrow down stylists by proximity, speciality, price, likes and recommendations. It is particularly helpful if you’re looking for hairdressers who specialize in protective hairstyles such marley twists or crochet braids.


CurlyNikki.com’s Forum
Those of you who have been natural for a while would have probably stumbled upon the popular afro hair blogger, Curly Nikki. Well, alongside offering hair advice, news and inspiration on her popular blog site – www.curlynikki.com – the mother and best-selling author has now taken her expertise to the wonderful world of mobile phone apps! Available on Android, this interactive tool provides a friendly base for Naturalistas to come together to swap hair stories, recommend products and offer support.

Hope you enjoyed our apps for hair blog- Check out the Curly By Nature blog for more curly hair tips, tricks and advice.

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“My personal mission is to promote healthy practices using natural products and methods, dispel the myths and eliminate the misconception that hair in its originally curly form is unmanageable, wild, frizzy and less acceptable in society’s social settings. Here at Curly By Nature we focus on health, wellbeing and style. We believe’s that every individual and their hair, is uniquely beautiful and wonderfully made.”

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